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Our team offers municipal customers state-of-the-art services they can utilize throughout the year to keep their communities running at their best potential.

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Our Core Values

At AccuJet, we believe in providing every customer with exceptional service that leaves them with satisfied results.

Safety First

We will always protect our wellbeing.


We will always protect our wellbeing.


We will be on time all the time.

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We will think there is no box and always a solution.


We will be trustworthy and truthful in everything we do.

Team Work

We will foster productive relationships and work as a team.


We will be of the utmost clean in our work and appearance at all times.

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What we can do

We specialize in a variety of services that allow us to inspect, clean, repair, replace, and install municipal pipes with speed and efficiency.

Who We Work With

What sets our team apart is our collaboration with other industry leaders. We work with the following organizations:

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Who We Are

AccuJet Sewer and Drain Cleaning is a Perry, Iowa, company that strives to provide reliable, quality, professional solutions to our municipal and industrial clients. As a family-oriented business, our team is made up of local industry experts who care deeply about the small Midwest towns we work and live in. We’re committed to giving our valued communities the high-quality services, innovative repair and maintenance plans, and trusting and caring customer-focused relationships they deserve.

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Where We Work

While AccuJet is based in Perry, Iowa, we are proud to serve Western Iowa, Southeast Iowa, and Northwest Iowa. We also extend into our neighboring states, providing sewer and drain cleaning services to Eastern Nebraska and Northern Missouri. With years of experience serving this region of the Midwest, we know the common sewer and drain issues of the area and can provide the best solutions for any situation.

What We Do

At AccuJet, we offer a wide range of full-service sewer and drain solutions for our customers. One of our popular trenchless rehabilitation solutions is Cured-in-Place Pipe Lining (CIPP). Many of our municipal and industrial clients request innovative trenchless technologies because they are much less disruptive than traditional pipe repair methods. Instead of digging extensive and messy trenches that can cause extreme damage to foundations, driveways, landscaping, parking lots, and other property features, CIPP and other trenchless solutions take a different approach.

In the CIPP process, our technicians can dig one or two small access holes to reach your sewer system, so instead of ripping up your property to find the damaged section of your pipeline, we can disrupt just a small fraction of your property. Through those access holes, our technicians can send our high-resolution camera into your sewer line, carefully snake the camera through the pipes, and watch on a monitor at ground level as the camera records the interior of your sewer infrastructure. The camera footage can show our technicians exact locations of clogs, leaks, invading tree roots, corrosion, and other debris and obstructions. It can also show us the condition and material of your pipes. Once the camera inspection is complete, our technicians can use high-pressure water to scour the interior of your sewer pipes or use grinding equipment to descale the buildup within your pipes. Whichever cleaning method we select, we’ll thoroughly remove the scale and debris inside your sewer pipes and restore their diameters to full capacity. Then, our technicians can send a saturated liner through one of the access holes. The liner can be moved through the sewer pipe, cured to the interior of the existing pipe, and will result in a seamless and new long-lasting pipe within the old pipe. CIPP allows us to build you a durable sewer pipe without digging up and removing the old pipe. It’s a process that saves time, money, and hassle and keeps your sewer system working efficiently and effectively. Our CIPP services can be completed on 6", 8" 10", and 12" pipe diameters and can only be used in sewer mains. For larger projects, AccuJet can work with bigger lining companies to provide CIPP prep work.

Besides the popular CIPP process, we also offer liner reinstatement services. When we line sewer mains using our CIPP process, connecting laterals are covered by the liner. This prevents the adequate drainage needed by nearby residences and businesses. To reopen those sewer lateral connections, we can use our state-of-the-art Schwalm robotic cutters. Our technicians can operate the robotic cutters in conjunction with our camera, position the cutters at every lateral connection, quickly open the connection, and successfully restore service to those laterals.

Additionally, we provide municipal maintenance planning services. Working closely with municipalities, we can break down their systems, review their maps, and budget out for several years based on what they can afford. We can provide detailed long-term maintenance plans that spell out which procedures we will do each year and how we can use our findings to offer effective solutions. These municipal maintenance agreements are an excellent way for communities to keep their sewer systems routinely inspected, cleaned, and repaired to keep expensive, time consuming, and frustrating sewer system outages away.

We also provide new construction inspections to subdivisions. If your community is constructing new housing developments, AccuJet can review the sanitary storm and sewer systems to make sure they are in compliance. We will also provide hydro excavation services to utility companies working in new subdivisions or other areas of your town. In the hydro excavation process, we carefully combine pressurized water and an air vacuum to remove excess soil from the work area. It’s a modern technique that can help reduce the risk of rupturing underground utility lines and pipes, reduce the impact to the environment, and help you finish your project quickly and conveniently.

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Why We Are the Midwest’s Choice for Sewer and Drain Cleaning Solutions

Our industry-leading trenchless technologies, our years of dedicated experience, our commitment to local communities . . . it’s not just one thing that helps us stand apart from the rest. At AccuJet, we love what we do, and that devotion to providing the best quality service and solutions throughout Iowa, Nebraska, and Missouri shows in our workmanship. We believe in excellent services that you can afford and that you can feel comfortable with, so we’ll work closely with your budget and preferences to get your municipal and industrial pipes inspected, cleaned, repaired, and maintained in the way that works for you. Our decades of knowledge and experience, our top-of-the-line technology, and our local expertise can help us provide the most value and innovation for your dollar.

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How to Reach Us

To learn more about AccuJet sewer and drain cleaning solutions for your Iowa, Nebraska, or Missouri municipal or industrial project, contact our friendly team today. You can give us a call or submit our online form to learn about how our tools, techniques, technologies, and talent can restore and maintain full functionality to your sewer system. When you need sewer and drain expertise, just remember: AccuJet is the solution to your dirty needs.

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